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Below are just a few of the companies who use HowDidWeDo? Select one to find out how we helped improve the operation of their business.

Care Home Provider
Larchwood Care

Larchwood Care operates 58 care homes throughout the UK. They pride themselves on providing the highest levels of care.

By introducing the easy to use app, Larchwood feel that they are pioneering a new way for care homes to continuously improve. Feedback positive or negative is one of the best ways to ensure their standards are kept high. For people to know their comments are being treated seriously and dealt with at a high level gives extra peace of mind.

Larchwood Care joined HowDidWeDo? in October 2017. Since then they’ve had over 350 feedback submissions, and their average overall rating has risen from 8.1 to 8.5. They’ve successfully replied to over 25 requests for direct responses, addressing any concerns quickly and attentively. The HowDidWeDo? system allowed them to maintain their great level of service by minimising the impact of any bad impressions, and promoting good feedback to encourage dedicated members of staff.

The app is free to download, but Larchwood frequently use their on-site tablet to encourage any visitors to give instant feedback, even if they do not wish to download the app themselves. They hope that by doing this, they will be able to reward their staff who do a fantastic job, and quickly rectify any issues that may arise.

“I think HowDidWeDo? is a great tool. It doesn't take away the communication or need to talk to the manager and staff, but gives an added dimension to enable you to give some feedback. This can be positive or negative, it’s good to know that it’s going to the right person in management. That’s exactly what happens when you use the app.
I’d highly recommend it and say to anyone, be constructive, give the feedback and be confident it will be taken seriously and action taken if necessary.”

Alison, Daughter of Resident

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