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How it works

Download the App on the App store or Google Play store

The customer downloads the app for free from the app store or play store

The user can find the location using GPS

The customer finds the location by searching or using GPS

The user fills in basic details of their visit

They then fill in some basic details of their visit

Users can rate the service

Next, they rate the service with a few simple slider-based questions, adding images or comments where necessary

Users are given a choice to request a response

They are given the choice to request a response


This data is then sent instantaneously to the management team who can review it immediately


All feedback is logged and accessed in a variety of diagnostic formats and graphs


Details and images can also be viewed here


If the customer requested a response the team can contact them straight away

Clients leaving good feedback can be redirected to a review site.

Clients leaving good feedback can be directed to a review site of your choice

Turn negative feedback into positive results.

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